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A man of stature and gentlemanly conduct who can rebel to survive when the time calls. Who is superior to jeppe scum and kes girls in all ways

For example
Ryan- I want to go to the gym but you know what. Habashwe
Man- the party is dull. Why are we here
Parktown boy-lets go across the road to the parktown party
Man- that sounds sick. Arise
by White zulu boy December 02, 2014
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A boy of great respect and holds himself up with gentlemanly conduct. With great spirit and a deep love for school that reveals an African spirit from deep down. A Parktown Boy(Lion) is one of the most rare species of school boys you can find , unlike a Jeppe Boy(Zebra) and the typical KES Boy(TeddyBear).
Although interactions with girls and Parktown Boys are slim , beware not to get him near your girl.
Parent: A boy just helped me with my luggage. How polite.

KESParent: He's probably a Parktown Boy:(

Guy: Can I have your number?
Girl: Are you from Parktown?
Guy: No.
Girl: Bye.
by Miles the thrift.junkie January 26, 2018
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