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Paris is a loud in your face type of girl but that is just a part of who she is! A Paris is a great friend to have and will always have your back. Gain trust in her and she’ll trust the absolute heck out of you! Paris is someone who normally hangs out with guys cause other girls piss her off. Paris is a great girlfriend to have to. She’s very loyal to anyone inportent to her. She’s also very sporty. Don’t get on her bad side cause she’ll destroy you ! She’s also a very pretty girl and they tend to have a nice booty and body. A paris will try new things despite the consequences! She is a dare devil and will always take a dare! She’s a very funny girl and will always make u laugh. She is also a good singer but doesn’t show that. She loves to dance and be centre of attention and the star of the party. If you ever need advice go to her! She’ll always keep your secrets and never judge you. If a paris morris is a bitch to you, it’s not for no reason. You’ve done something to piss her off and if That happens to you be Suddle and go talk to her and sort things out
A paris is very kind and loving. She is very talkitive and never shuts up. She is very smart and is always got good grades! xx most Paris morris’s Tend to be gamer girls.
remember she isn’t afraid to bash a Bitch so don’t get on her bad side (:
Guy 1: wow see paris morris she is amazing
Guy 2: yea to bad she’s got a bf
by Yoheyyoman January 11, 2018
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