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1. noun, a condom that stretches down to cover the balls, so as to protect the scrotal sac from some questionable vaginal juices during sex (also known as the "ODB" or "over da balls rubba.")

2. adjective, great beyond expectation or imagination, off da hook good.

3. adjective, too far, over the top, beyond the pale, off da hook bad.
1. Deeeam! You kickin it wit Yolanda tonight? Dat bitch got sum stank ass pussy, yo. Whooee! Pussy stink so bad, I wish she'd fart in my face cuz it smell betta ennat shit. You betta git yo'self an ODB, dawg, or when you pull it out yo dick'll explode!"

2. Man, did you see Kanye West show last time he was here? Nigga music ova da balls, bitch!!!

3. Yo, dat shit you pull at work otha day ova da balls, b. Dang! Wut yo manager gonna think when he find out you put a rat in the fry-o-lator, muthafucka?
by hb_scone June 06, 2009
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