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A nickname for Our Lady of Mercyin Potomac, MD. It's called this because so many people there are rich and drop their kids off in expensive cars, and in some cases, only do this to show off their wealth. Also, the school is known for having the biggest donations, but the school is still stuck in the 80s in terms of technology. So yeah, if your rich, send your kids here. It's actually a pretty nice school, and although some parents are snobs, most parents and basically all the kids are really down to earth. They are taught well and have nice polite manners. I went to a different school myself, but mercy is pretty good.
a) Wow, look at that mom driving that car-it's worth more than my salary! She must be picking up her kids at Our Lady of Mercedes!
b) Man, Our Lady of Mercedes whipped our butts in basketball last night. Probably because they can afford to buy Shaquille Oneil and Kobe as coaches!
by potomactourguide June 09, 2016
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