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An oppressed white guy is someone who thinks that words like 'cracker' are as bad as 'nigger,' and likes to pretend that when he uses the word nigger, he's not doing anything wrong because black people use it. Oppressed white guys also think that Feminism is a threat to their masculinity.

They don't realize that white men have not been disempowered by society at large, and pretend that they're under attack.
"So what if by using the word 'nigger' black people are reclaiming the term? I'm being oppressed because I can't use it!"

"I don't realize that freedom of speech is simply a legal distinction, so I should be allowed to say Nigger without anyone getting mad!"

"Boo-hoo, I'm a white male. It's so hard to be a white male."

"It will be a great day when a white man can finally be elected president in this country."

The appropriate response to any of the above examples is "You're right, oppressed white guy. Let me get my violin."
by Michael Gagne July 29, 2007
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A straw man created by others, typically people of ethnic diversity or feminists, to attack movements which do not conform to their preconceived beliefs.

A popular tool to defame those who express a concern about racism or sexism directed at non-traditional groups. As if the fact that coming from a non-traditionally discriminated group is immune or incapable of experiencing racism or sexism.
Sexism against MEN? Oh, I guess he's just a poor oppressed white guy!

IE: Blacks are incapable of being racist. Women are incapable of being sexist. Therefor, this loser who's complaining about being poorly treated by us is just some wannabe!
by CommandoDude October 19, 2011
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