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A girl who parties every weekend kissing their friends' boyfriends or fucking them. They're more fake than their eyebrows and you should never trust an ol bad because she backstabs you sooner or later. Usually every guy wants them because they know how easy she is but she usually will always cheat on him at the next party she finds. Never trust an ol bad because they take your clothes and won't give them back
Guy 1, "she's easy, I'm going to grow feelings for her and then I'll get cheated on but I'll keep going back to her bc she's easy"
Guy 2, "can I share?"
Guy 3, "yes me too"

Guy 1, "must be onion lake bads"
Guy 2, "he/she is!"

Girl 1, "she just kissed my boyfriend and we were friends"
Girl 2, "must be an ol bad"
by Thing696969 March 16, 2014
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