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1. expression indicating that one has left abruptly

2. expression indicating that one is departing speedily

Typically used at the end of a conversation, especially when one party needs to physically leave the location of the conversation in question.

Alternate definition(s):

1. (descriptive utterance) used to indicate one's own awesomeness
Person 1: "ay foo, we're gonna have tacos tonight, you tryna stay and eat?"
Person 2: "dude i'll take a taco, but i can't stay long, i gotta be one bite and gone"

**alternate definition**

Person 1: "SNAPS dog, how do you keep making those 3-pointers?!"
Person 2: "haha i dunno man, i guess these days i'm just one bite and gone"
by B-Lazy December 10, 2013
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