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OMIRIJ! Pronounced; Oh-Mih-ry

He loves to be outside and loves nature. He enjoys listening to music and reading/writing. He is passionate and caring and can be very serious and stubborn at times. Hes on the quiet side at first but once you get to meet him, he can be a very sociable and will enjoy talking to you and others. He loves being around loved one and family, and hates rood people. If you mess with his friends or family, you can expect a bloody nose and a free ticket to hell.
Omirij enjoys being active. He loves to do track and run to let lose all of his built up energy.

He is pretty good in school, but only too achieve his goal and/or dream in life. Once he put his mind too something, its kind of hard for him to let it go.

He will keep a secret for you and never tell it to anyone. He it trustworthy, but does keeps his own little secrets too. Other than that, you can trust him with your great possession when you go somewhere.
(Omirijs aren't too greedy or power hungry. They don't really care for fame, money or power either.)
There's a 50-50 chance that he is involved in the LGBT+ community and some other ones too.
He is very generous and you can expect to see him spending some of his weekends doing volunteering jobs. <3
He accepts everyone and anyone. :D

I made this name up when messing with the keyboard typing in random letters. :P Thank you for reading.
"Oh look, there's Omirij! You should go talk to him, he is really enjoyable to be around..."
by Omii Akisama April 24, 2018
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