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The first kind of skateboarding. skaters like Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta and the Z Boys virtually created.

it's often done on concrete waves, where you can apply the surf style to. early tricks that came with it were called 'bert slides' which is like the surfing move 'snap' (fs or bs) it's using your hand as a pivot to make a hella quick 180.

then somewhere around 1974-75, they z boys were bored, because the swell didn't come for three days in a row. they found an empty pool, and skated it.

hence, modern skateboarding was born.

-- it's also a shitload more fun than these flatland tricks. adrenaline rushes aplenty.

used with either a surfboard shaped deck with large wheels. (pool wheels, usually 56-62mm) or those sick 80's wide decks.
old school skateboarding
by old school skater October 15, 2008
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