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please see ass kisser
a suck up with feminin qualities
Someone who was ignored most of his life.
So, you give him a little authority and it goes to his head.
Most of what he has accomplished, he has done so by making
himself look like the golden child, and others look stupid.
He has done this by acting like a friend, and then
airing all their dirt to the boss, making the office
fairy look grandeous. In reality, he is a snake.
If you wanna ruffle his feathers, bring something to his
attention he did wrong

Also, if you are a female, and you kiss his ass, you don't
even have to do a good job, and he will put in a good word
for you just for being the office fairy's "ego-booster"

this includes batting your eyes, smiling at him, telling him how great he is.
by TinaBeany May 09, 2008
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