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Noun: Denizens of the office building. Characteristics of the Office Worm may include: pale skin, weak limbs, soft fingers with long nails and hands with no callouses, highly specialized knowledge or intelligence, nearsightedness, stooped posture, and the inability to traverse flights of stairs or run any significant distance. Many Office Worms have become so acclimated to the office that allergies, paleness and skin diseases, asthma and other maladies prevent them from enjoying exposure to the outdoors. The Office Worms' most common environment is the cubical where they live in strict social hierarchies. Each Office Worm defends its own territorial desk where they construct a nest of red-tape, office supplies and personal trinkets. Office Worms with higher standing may claim a private office for their territory, The typical diet of the Office Worm primarily consists of caffeinated drinks, various types of take out and vending machine foods.
Judy used to love hiking but her job has turned her into a complete Office Worm.
by Lil' Runt September 18, 2017
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