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Sleeple: Do you think the Obamoker poster is racist?

Concerned American: No! And I didn’t find Vanity Fair’s portrayal of Bush as the Joker as immorally distasteful either. Bob Kane’s original comic book Joker is a master criminal and a bizarre psychopath. Obama is not necessarily a psychopath — that is to say a ruthless hands-on serial killer — but by the standard of his office he is a master criminal, or rather a front man for a cartel of master criminals. Same as Bush.

Regarding November Messiahs, hope and disappointment are inseparable and that’s why the people need to SpeakUpFightBack and take the country back!

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” - Mark Twain

“He (Obama) is essentially an Emperor Nero in temperament. That’s the historic figure, which he’s most closely related to. And nothing good will come out of him. And nothing good will come out of a congress, which submits to him. This man is in effect clinically insane and he’s the President of the United States.” - Lyndon LaRouche, International webcast, June 27, 2009
by SpeakUpFightBack August 08, 2009
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