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Some random idiot that complains all day, that some one is trying to steal their boyfriend and hacks their computer. E.G. Wack job.

Oh, baby lemme get you a towel for your nut wack complex you have at that pc all night long.

How many do you think love you long time? Do we need to get you a hand towel or will the right hand do to catch it from that tininy lil man you got goin' thier?

Yes, this is a tad childish, but so is your hacking problem nut wack job.
Man that fucken crazy nut wack complex is really stupid. does she/he really spend all day wanting to be inside me and my system? Who has the problem?

Girl, Just let me tell ya how much "I don't care" you think your all that. Wanna put some gloves to that test. You might slip on that huge ass of yours. Don't forget your "crown royal," for the straight ass whoopin' you need may hurt a bit.

Do you have the clue that 1. I don't want that nut wack complex. 2. your a crazy, insecure wannabee that needs a reality check at the door, and frankly let me all caps this for you so you understand. WHO"S MY" BITCH." Drunkasourus rex.
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