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Term of endearment used between lovers as a means to express sentiments associated with "puppy love". Usually followed by giving the other person an eskimo kiss.
"Nuk Nuk?" He said while looking into her eyes.
"Nuk nuk" She responded warmly as she drew him close to give him and eskimo kiss as they snuggled with each other by the fireside.
by the prince of prosciut' April 16, 2009
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Term used to shorten the word NUKKA. A close nuk(friend). Like how some would say Nig for Nigga = Nuk Nuk for Nukka.

Hey nuk nuk, I haven't seen you in awhile man.
by someoneh January 12, 2006
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a common insult(diss).

To insult someone more call them a little NukNuk.


pronunciation: (Nook-Nook)
Fuck you, your a little NukNuk!
by Ruff Ruff Ruffness February 06, 2011
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Another word for a chick that has a visible "camel toe." When one can see the valley of the vaginal lips through pants. Usually spandex or polyester pants.
hey john, look at the nuk nuk on her!
by biggity January 15, 2004
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