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i dont know why all the girls from nda went on this site 2 write about how damn hott they are because in reality it is much farther from the truth
yea i got into nda nd i still didnt wanna go there casue it sucks.
why would i ever wanna sit in class all day and listen 2 how much everyone ate and then threw up later on when they got home?
why would i ever wanna listen to a bunch of fugly dykes sit around a table and talk about how everyone wants them?
a comment from before talked about how everyones just jealous because nda girls will go 2 a better college and marry rich...but ill tell u wat really happens...

an nda girl if they make it out straight will go 2 a college that is way overpriced and not worth it..experiment with "scary things" like alcohol drugs that everyone from every other high school already knows about and either get pregnant/infected with STDs or end up marrying a fat ugly bald guy..but heyy at least theyll have the money to move to hingham or hanover or wherever and continue the ugly tradition
congratulations bitches!
props to the marvale and the other random schools i havent herd of that hate nda as much as me<3
Go to an X nd BC dance and please tell me why notre dame prep girls think that wearing cowboy hats with 15 of there friends and going sober makes them cool?
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