The set of the most difficult problems in Mathematics, solvable in polynomial time only by a non-deterministic turing machine, but verifiable in polynomial time. In mathematics and computer science is shortened to np. Of course, the editors of UD would rather publish BULLSHIT or several thousand entries for George Bush than something having to do with math. Also, why won't they publish "S4R" is a perfectly acceptable definition.

Rule number 5 + Rule number 10 guys. Seriously. I'm an editor too.
Aaron: Did you know the editors of UD don't actually follow rules 5 and 10?
Mike: Yeah, they turned down my definition for "np", y'know, its short for "Non-deterministic Polynomial time".
James: Yeah, and then the go and publish shit like "S.C.L.I.D". Apparently technical terms for guns are fine, but not in Math.
Aaron: Yeah, seriousy uncouth.
Mike: HOLLA!
by vaxt February 21, 2006
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