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A time in which you say give me a nig minute in reality is a hour. Due to you are trying to turn your swag on and turn the ratchet meter up high. With in this nig minute you typically(if a guy) either fucking your friends sister or your girlfriends sister. If you are a girl in that time frame you usually are to panoramic or rednose by saige the gemini or having a nigga go "deep in it" or shaking it "like a rednose". Typically ratchet ass bitches named Bailey, Tiffany, Brittani, Taylor, and Tasha use this word due to ratchatitis is strong with them.
"hey can you wash this hair bleach out of my hair befor it melts my hair out Brittani because Annie is a ratchet bitch that can't do hair" "wait a nig minute Tiffany I'm yiking with bailey to rednose".

"oooh your man Tyler is so fine hop on that" "in a nig minute"

"Tiffany take your ratchet ass over to Cameron and hop on it""in a nig minute"
by Cosmo cunt for life March 06, 2014
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