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A gay sex act between two males, at least one of which, is uncircumcised - which involves inserting the head of one partner's penis into the stretched out foreskin of the other partner. This step is called "docking". The following step involves the dominant male grasping the two shafts in the center of the joined members, and stroking furiously across the two shafts, until they both cum under the prepuce. This step is called "Grimy Sprays". The uncircumcised male then carefully pulls out, making sure not to spill any of the resulting mixture, which is then poured into a tall shot glass. The two men then flip a coin to decide who has to drink the shot. This is also sometimes referred to as "The Salty Cannoli"
Person 1: "Hey, let's go to Brisbane and see a talentless rapper about getting a nifik!"
Person2 : "I know just the guy...."
by BuckFutterShizzlePoof February 10, 2018
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