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Niddrie is a poor area of many council houses in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has a high unemployment rate with many of its residence unemployed, in the jail, taking drugs or just doing nothing.

During those rare Sunny days in Scotland the residents of Niddrie often just sit in the sun (after they get out of bed about midday). After about a week it's as if they have been on holiday.

When people in Niddrie are asked where they have been they reply this is a 'Niddrie Tan.

Simply they have nothing better to do than sit and do nothing but get a tan.
I haven't been on holiday, I don't work so I just have a Niddrie Tan.

I got my Niddrie Tan from sitting in my front garden.

I got a Niddrie Tan from passing out in the street and woke up a few days later.

I take a lot of drugs and passed out in Niddrie, when I woke up I was tanned to fuck. It's a Niddrie Tan.

Police attend incident in Niddrie but blinded by the Niddrie Tan' s so back off.

Electrician attends a Job in Niddrie, told to safely disconnect mains power to sunbed as they don't need the power as they are going to get their Niddrie Tan
by Tapir Envy June 25, 2018
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