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Nicholas Bollea is the son of wrestler Hulk Hogan. They now have a reality television show called, "Hogan Knows Best". It's actually a really, really bad show. I give it a couple of months. Well back to Nicholas. He has blonde hair and he's 14. He used to have long hair but he cut it. I saw him on vacation in Florida last summer. I thought he was cute. But he had this green trucker hat on, so I didn't get the greatest look at his face. He's like, obsessed with the color green. He wears it constantly. Well it turns out the kid is an idiot. He looks like Aaron Carter too, now that he cut his hair...Ew. Oh, and he got his sister Brooke in trouble on that show that I'm never watching again. I hate people who can't lie to their parents! God!
Is it Nicholas Bollea or Nicholas Hogan?! Who knows...Who actually cares?! Not meeee...
by J-girl July 17, 2005
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