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noun: 1. A guy who is a people pleaser and always down to do something nice for anybody. But is easily influenced by pretty girls into doing something mean. 2. A boy version of Gretchen Weiners. 3. A guy who pulls pretty chicks by doing their dirty work. 4. A dude whose road dog status for pretty girls.
B. "So I gave her wrong directions, that gives you enough time to hit up the hot guys first."

G. "I love you, your such a nice guy, but a mean girl."

C. "Your homie is a D Bag when he's around hot chicks.

D. "Thats cause he's a mean girl ....what a pussy "

L. "How does this douche bag get all these ladies."

J. "He's a nice guy, but a mean girl"

L "That's lame"
by mealticket February 05, 2010
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