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a pile of trash bags on the street one may use as a cushion

a dumpster full of trash used as a temporary resting spot

the open end of a trash pickup truck used as a free ride as one rests their head against a pillow of trash

basically any form of lying comfortably in garbage and not caring because your life is in such a state that you're just happy to have a soft thing to lay in for a while. called a New York sofa because the trash smells about the same as New York City itself, and many people from NYC perform this ritual.
person 1: Dude, why you always sleeping in the trash?

person 2: I hit rock bottom again today. Just hanging out in this New York sofa while I try and figure this shit out.

person 1: scoot over, i've gotta figure some shit out too
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by mewnNose October 02, 2016
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