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A very broad range of musical genres all clumped together and Called "emo" but actually completely different genres.
Bands like black veil brides or sleeping with sirens or any other generic scene-looking bands are called emo; generic Pop bands like paramore are called emo; generic Pop Punk bands like mcr or fall out boy are called Emo.
Real emo bands are from the early 80s and dont really look like anything. Also see "punk" and "alternative".
Real Emo:
get up kids
jets to brazil
smashing pumpkins
sunny day real estate

texas is the reason
moss icon
rites of spring

Fake emo/not emo:
pierce the veil
sleeping with sirens
blink 182

green day
black veil brides
my chemical romance
(Basically any band that shows men with makeup on)
xxxxxxxxxxemoxxxxxxxxx: I love MCR they are so emo
real emo person: no Jawbreaker is emo. Thou shalt go to youtube and look up Jawbreaker - Lawn else you will die.
xxxxxxxxxxemoxxxxxxxxx I have listened to the Jawbreaker king of all bands and t'is delicious. i hate new emo.
by TheMisunderstood May 25, 2012
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