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A noun, the way that Italians pronounce New York. Sounds almost like a mixture between an I and an R when they say "yoik".
Vinny: Ehhhhhhh Louie! What do you think is the best pizza place in New Yoik city?

Louie: Eh, I gotsa say a Vinchenzo's on chirdy fiwst(31st) street. And you can fuhgeddabout trying to argue with me about that!
by Burrrrdman December 14, 2007
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A new style sung by the band radio in which every member has a small vocal part and they all come together to form a repeating chorus. How long this chorus repeats depends on the song. Verses are also a part of this to string things together and stop it from becoming repetitive. Many different instruments can be used depending on the song.
Holy crap that new yoik song was so awesome that i'm throwing my lame emo and pop/rock cds away that MTV told me to buy so I can grow a brain and listen to good music.
by Correnthos April 23, 2006
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