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new generation emo individuals who are coming into an age of puberty and had old generation emos (OG's) as role models through their younger years and have built upon the emo code of conduct and intergrated and evolved the emo lifestyle with other various cliches and trends but still maintaining a firm emo basis involving cutting and listening to whiny music.

commonly found in malls, thrift stores, schoolyards, parks, really anywhere an emo would be found.. oh yes.. and traintracks.
i wish my lawn was neo emo so it would cut itself while watching hello kitty..
by -g0d. July 02, 2006
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Those emotionally basketcases that constantly use all the high intellect that they think they have have to figure out what Neopets is thinking, before, The Neopets Team itself posts the rest of the plot.They see one thing at a time because thats all their cognitive ability has processed and grown so far not realizing that their thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, or learning has not matured to its peak (name created by three neopains that play neopets but understand its an escape from reality guilded, cg, and music *full names not given to protect spam from NeoEmo's*
A. like a meteor fall on a web page and according to the NeoEmo world it is solid proof that Neopets has a New Sloth Plot going and nobody can finish the 1st one yet and they haven't given out the plot prizes on this on yet and yuyoo balls will be exploding as they are combating the meteor in the battledome!Example: B. people that think its the end of the world when creates a new pot. C. People that spam boards will irrational explanations for a simple glitch in neopets. D. Teens that try to find out how to scam people on neopets not realizing neopoints don't create real money
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