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In the event of an all male orgy in which all participants have throbbing 9 inchers soft, the sorry fuck that shows up packing a baby dick is instantly known as the dreaded NEEDLE IN A GAY STACK!
Gerth Brooks: Hey Walt are you going over to that 5 hour pack fest at Zerns later?

Walt Jizzme: Yeah dude totally. I am gonna make dudes limp. By that I clearly mean limp when they walk because I am going to make their wangs rock solid ! Are you going to sing by, Mr. Corleone?

Dong Corleone: Hell yeah bro I am down to slam some asspussy as long as you dont invite that NEEDLE IN A GAY STACK, Vojak.
by Vojie May 02, 2012
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
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The term used to define the only heterosexual male or female in a gay bar or club, and often pulls the only other 'Needle in a Gaystack' of the opposite sex. Usually forced by their gay or lesbian friend(s) or often the overconfident 'straight guy' from work who persistently professes how comfortable he is with his sexuality/how metrosexual he is.
Hetero: "I don't know whether I'll come to G-A-Y with you on Friday, it'll be full of gay people."
Homo: "Straight people always pull in there, even if it is like finding a Needle in a Gaystack."
by audgim June 07, 2012
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