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Someone who almost fits the definition of incel, but is not quite incel. For example, a nearcel is usually invisible to the opposite sex; but there are rare instances where that's not the case. For example they may have been asked out on a date a few years ago, but has since been ignored by potential suitors. Or they may have gotten lucky when they lost their virginity ages ago, but has since been living in a perpetual dry spell.
She's really distressed about being a nearcel; but at least she's not a truecel.
by invert cattso June 04, 2018
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A blend of near and incel, i.e. someone who's nearly incel. This is someone who does get dry spells, but not as frequent nor as lengthy as an incel. To be an incel, your dry spells must last at least 6 months and be a recurrent and accutomed
routine. For a nearcel, the dry spell lasts on average between 2 to 6 months.
Chantelle: Its been so long I've been with a guy, I forgot what men look and taste like.
Abigail: What, so you're an incel?
Chantelle: No, this usually doesn't happen so I'm more of a nearcel.
by invert cattso May 10, 2018
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