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Neçla name also can be pronounced & Spelt as NEZH-la It’s a Turkish name “MEANING” (ancestors) & Arabic way is Nejila

Neçla is a beautiful Muslim girl who is full of life and loves making people laugh and smile she always being herself she doesn’t care what people think of her unless it’s her family close friends or a lover to be even when she’s not in the best of places she try’s her best to be positive she’s patient To a certain degree and she always try’s to give people chances but usually it gets thrown back in her face she still try’s to be positive anyway until it’s time to switch it up.
Person: so how do you pronounce your name?

Neçla: basically it’s spelt Neçla but it’s pronounced like Neshla if that makes sense

Person: ohh I understand 🤔
Neçla: yeah it’s Turkish 😁
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by UniqueFemaleBadB August 11, 2018
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