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A section of vegetarians who value their vegetarian-lifestyle more than their own lives. They wish to create a world where humans should not interfere with matters pertaining to the Animal Kingdom.
They often get into fights with the non-vegetarian majority who are often ignorant of the sheer barbarity of the Meat Industry. Although it is believed (with substantial proof)that a few of the non-vegetarians are nothing more than a missing link.
nazi vegetarian: You do know that you're indirectly responsible for the killing of that Animal.

non-v: Who cares... meat is tasty.

nv: *spits in non-v's plate*

non-v charges at him with full force. But since nv's value their philosophy more than their life, he dosen't hold back... the conforntation usually ends with the non-v getting his butt kicked along with a couple of stab wounds.
by Richard212234 July 04, 2007
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