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A legendary gansta rapper said to be invincible, infallible, and all-knowing, second to God only because God was died and been reborn. Nasty Tip never dies.
He is currently running for president of the Westlake High School class of 2009, cause decided that he was going to quit letting the other guys win.
He would appreciate your vote, but if you don't his campaign manager will photoshop your face onto the receiver in the "El Norte" poster.

Once you go Zach, you never go back.
Here in Sudan they are kidnapping our children and making them fight. I wish Nasty Tip was here so he could show those fuckas.

Friend 1: Dude, i wish i could see Chuck Norris and Nasty Tip fight.
Friend 2: That would be badass, but at the end nobody would know who won because there wouldn't be any survivors on earth.
by Matrixtrout December 19, 2007
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