n'Bogan is a traditional greeting in some areas of the british isles. It appears in areas around Buckinghamshire, Whitley Bay and even has been spotted as far south as Jersey. Roughly equivalent to hello, this greeting is used only by men. It is thought to have originated in Buckinghamshire citation needed. It might be classified as a slang term but is not as common among youth as it is a 20s and 30s culture thing.

The term originated amongst a group of friends within the South Bucks area, but has spread amongst the general population of the local area and is now widely known in the local area and is accepted as a general term. There is soon to be an application submitted to get the term accepted into the English Dictionary.
Although the greeting is spelt "n'bogan" it is pronounced in English speech like so:

Person 1: Boggan
Person 2: Boggan

"n'bogan" in an email conversation spelling
by Bigben564123 October 18, 2009
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