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The spot in ones vision that appears when they have taken countless pictures of themselves. Progressive forms of the condition are found in groups (especially groups of girls).
person 1:"What's wrong with your vision?"
person 2:"I don't know"
person 1:"Wait a second, I saw your myspace and it has like 50 pictures of yourself in the same relative location. Have you been taking alot of pictures of yourself?"
person 2:"Um, yeah"
person 1:"I'm sorry, you've got myspace spot..."
person 2:"NOOOOOOOO!!"
by Thackeray October 19, 2007
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The spot that appears in one's vision when they take too many pictures of themselves. This condition is usually found in teenagers who have a profile on myspace. It is certainly more prominent in females and in large groups of female friends.
Person 1: I have this stupid spot in my vision lately and it's really bothering me.

Person 2: I've seen your myspace, sure you don't have myspace spot?

Person 1: Oh NO! Maybe I should get tested...
by Thackeray October 29, 2007
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