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The feeling one recieves after viewing a friend's myspace and seeing how popular they are.

The myspace user is usually quiet in school and makes good grades. They are generally percieved as virgins or a goody-goody. The unaware friend gets the users myspace name and adds them to their friends list. Then the unimaginable happens: the "innocent" friend has pics of herself in bathing suits, short shorts, bras, and thongs with captions like "hIT iiT FrOM dA bACk" or "HoeZ FaLl daH F*cK bAcK" Also they have like 2500 friends (96% are older males). The jealous friend then tries to step up there myspace picture game but they can't compete with their friend. The stunned friend then becomes enraged with thoughts of "whats wrong with my page?" and "why dont i have 200 picture comments?" With the stunned friend felling inadequate they close their account. Now every time they see the friend they are consumed with thoughts of anger and MYSPACE ENVY!!
unaware friend:amanda is such a nice innocent girl
amanda:here unaware friend..check out my myspace
*unaware friend going to amanda's myspace*
unaware friend:what...this hoe has lyke 4ooo friend
im so depressed know..i think i'll shut my myspace down
*next day at school*
unaware friend now has a severe case of myspace envy and hopes amanda's computer will crash

by st.pete-gurl January 05, 2007
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