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A cheap, musical alternative to prozac, useful for curing depression. Musical prozac consists of much time spent listening to most excellent tunes until you no longer feel like shit.
Friend 1: Last night kind of sucked ass. Sure, after all that ginorade I got that free welcome mat and that Johnny Cash poster I always wanted, but I missed the chance to have a meaningful goodbye with my friend! And she's moving away! I'm so depressed now. I need some prozac but I don't have health insurance because this country doesn't give a fuck about my well-being.

Friend 2: No worries, man. Just take some musical prozac.

Friend 1: What do you recommend?

Friend 2: Well, you could pop some XTC and listen to trance. Or how about "I got a feeling" by Black Eyed Peas? Anything by Matt and Kim would do the trick.

Friend 1: Dude, all those recommendations sound kind of gay.

Friend 2: Yeah but 'gay' isn't just about what you dream of being with me, douchebag, it also means the same as 'happy', and it means that for a reason.
by nb c lo August 24, 2009
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