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Mr .phee is a really big specky tatie heed who is the head of a high school that is catholic.... you don't wanna be a phee... his nickname go about as .... phedo the pedo.
You are exactly like that bald fucker who is pumping farlie ... mr.phee
by Mr.phee123 June 12, 2017
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Mr phee is a genuine paedophile who likes to creep around 5th years and touch them up. He can be found in his natural habitat of up a cunt.
Mr phee is a very creepy dude and can be caught fucking farlie
by Mr dickle August 15, 2018
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A headteacher who likes to talk about young attractive young ladies and shags his deputes in his office who also includes of a pedo
Mr phee loves the young attractive ladies which means the man is a pedo
by Morage February 05, 2019
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