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The largest house Robot from the BBC and five tv series Robot Wars

Weight - 750kg

Length - 163cm

Width - 145cm

Height - 150cm

Speed - 8mph

Mr Psycho made its dramatic debut at the Sixth Wars and as may be noticed by glancing at the above dimensions and weight it is the biggest and most powerful House Robot ever built.
Mr Psycho's giant claws are powered by two 9 tons hydraulic rams running at 3000 psi. They can in theory grab and lift the equivalent of two Sir Killalots!

The Hammer head alone weighs in at 30kg and is given a kick by a hydraulic accumulator. The arm is powered by a 9 ton shoulder and elbow ram generating awesome force.
The tracks are the same type used successfully on Sir Killalot and are powered by two Briggs and Stratton 5hp electric motors run at 48 Volts, which are controlled by two 300-amp speed controllers. The chassis is constructed from thick walled steel box section and the head is fabricated in fibreglass
and watch out mr phsyco is behind you...
by j.p.n July 26, 2006
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