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n. any one of the scumfucks, punks, and/or black sheep, losers, lunatics, drug fiends, sex fiends, system-fucked, outcasts, from morgan city, louisiana, who may be one or more of the following, but certainly not limited to:

a drunk, a drug addict, an out-of-controller-rock'n'roller", a rude, a crude, mean dude, and is probably disliked by all, hated by most, and despised by many, and who may also have serious issues with police, the judicial system, all politicians, all politics, all forms of control, and all governments as a whole;

Morgan city trash may also be dangerous to fuck with, so please be advised--one may snap at any given moment due to any small amount of stress or fucking-withness;

If you happen to come across a person of morgan city trash decent, please keep your cool, do not make direct eye-contact, and run to call you nearest, cruelest form of police-state personnel. Also be advised that morgan city trash is comprised of those not actually from morgan city, and may, in fact, include those from the surrounding TRI-city areas, which are berwick, patterson, and stephensville or calumet (the later two, though very rare, are likewise dangerous: please be warned).
Examples of Morgan City Trash are, but is also very much not limited to, since Morgan City continues to accrue and create large amounts of Morgan City Trash every single day:
ka: Bin Sleeping (aka Trash Bin)
ka: Dr. Elwood Death
ka: Germy Candy (m.i.a. last 2 years)
ka: Jesuschriss (m.i.a. last 3 years)
ka: J. Peckerhead aka the Playo (with the most Mayo)
ka: Chris Gee Golly Christfuck
ka: Timmy the Fist
ka: Lil A (coming soon to your town, or gulf island)
ka: Dirty Jake (m.i.a.--hopefully not permanently)
ka: oki doki Loki
ka: Twyner (last seen in lockup: be especially warned)
ka: Bougsie the Scumfuck (m.i.a. believed to be in Oregon, living on a mountaintop like a hippie, perfecting his clown routine)
by JcBibble December 16, 2007
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