1. A kiss from a moose.
2. A kiss in which a person licks the entire face of another person.
1. That moose just gave her a moose kiss.
2. My girl was talking so i gave her big old moose kiss
by weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed January 24, 2009
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verb: to press one's hairy ass cheeks in someone else's face in a derisive, nonsexual fashion. The kiss is regularly dry, though if a fart is expelled during the kiss it is termed 'breezy;' worse still is the 'wet' moose kiss, where more than gas is expelled
Did you see the MTV movie awards last night? Sasha Baron Cohen, in his Bruno character, TOTALLY moose kissed that douche Eminem! Do you think it was a dry, breezy or wet one?!
by ignignokt6 June 3, 2009
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