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Derived from the terms Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts, as in: MFA BFA = moofa boofa

Adj: used to describe anything related to institutionalized art;

Noun: identifies individuals, ideas and artifacts associated with the practice/production of institutionalized art, such as relates to teaching and studying at universities and colleges that offer degrees in Fine Art.

Connotation is pejorative, denegrating, or generally insulting, though most often used in jest by actual MFA or BFA holders.
"I'm tired of the moofa boofa. School has been great, but I think I need to get back to the real world."

"If you want to find representation at a gallery, you have to move beyond the moofa boofa."

"The problem with moofa boofa work like we just saw is that it's been done already, and done better...."
by beltaneve May 27, 2009
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