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A moob king is frequently used to describe a lady-man who has curly, blonde locks of hair. They also posses long fingernails and very dry skin. sometimes their body hair is combustable. Moob Kings are very creaive, like Michael Angelo. An average Mood King will bathe and use the computer at the same time. Their vehicle is used to deliver foods for women on their menstral cycle or others who have an extreme urge for food, such as people addicted to drugs, ex: marijuana. They are known to revolt againt thoses who are fond of vegetables and castrate all who oppose him.
>heyy look at that fine young gent' sittin all alone at that table..

>darn tootin', maybe we should keep em company.

>oh my holy guacamole, the moob king beein accompanied by rodents of all kinds!

>well um i suppose he be alright then, that poor 40 year old virgin...
by MOOB KING September 20, 2009
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