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high school located in orange county new york directly off exit 16 via nys thruway. monroe woodbury is known for its outstanding sports teams including state championships in football and hockey. it also became nationally publicized for its infamous food fight on june 11th 2004. monroe also seems to produce extremely strong underage drinkers. some say its the water thats contaminated from the nepera power plant but monroe woodbury natives have the ability to drink like fish. monroe has also become popular for having nothing to do but drink smoke and go to the diner. mdub has also seen as the rest of orange county as rich and snobby because of the condition of the high school. yes there are rich kids and yes there are poor kids just like every other town. monroe just flat out runs shit
yo you hear were playing monroe woodbury next week? ahh shit were gonna loose
by mdubber April 02, 2008
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