1. The act of hanging around and bullshitting. Often used synonimously with the term stagalate. This word originates from the Southern regions of the Chicagoland Area by a species known as late-ass-us-colorus-people-timus.

2. The one friend that manages to stop all productive activities. This person (the monkey baller) usually has nothing better to do with there time so they proceed with dumb questions and even dumber activities that distract others f/ completing tasks
1. Dude 1: I thought we was hittin the club tonight

Dude 2: We are man shit stop rushing I'm almost ready.

Dude 1: Stop lyin n*gga you been sittin here playin that game for the past three hours. Im leavin cuz yo ass gonna keep monkey ballin.

2. You need to quit hangin around Sam's monkey ballin ass. Keep fuckin around you ain't never gonna have that paper done.
by The Life October 19, 2007
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