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A term used to describe what happens when the local government goes out and spends ridiculous amounts of money to 'give everyone a fair chance" and "end discrimination" where really all they're doing is trying to save their asses from getting sued by some whiny parent that bitches about everything by throwing money at the problem so they can say "look we're doing nice things, look at all the nice things, we're broke now, but hey look at how nice we are" the end result is usually something incredibly stupid, that doesn't actually accomplish anything and often time actually has the reverse effect of increasing discrimination and taking chances away from people, it also opens the gate for more lawsuits which leads to complete bankruptcy because suing someone is now a fad, which leads to the collapse of society and/or the terrorists have won and manbearpig rules the world until we get Harrison Ford to fuck an atomic fish until it goes super-critical and destroys manbearpig's tyrannical reign, unfortunately Elton John survives and is now in charge of your lunch program which is how minority priority leads to gay kids getting to have lunch before you.
Thanks to minority priority in public schools if a guy wants to pretend to be a girl he can use the girls locker room as well as the girls bathroom and its considered okay.
by Bitch Puddin' December 05, 2010
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