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the bestest character on invader zim along with Gir, he is introduced in the christmas episode
"this is mini moose he has been with us the whole time you just havnt seen him"
by one slick german October 15, 2003
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(1) Noun. Invader Zim's little-known sidekick. Communicates through squeaks, and is able to persuade large masses of people with a single squeak.

(2) Noun. Any extremely tiny members of the moose family who communicate through squeeks. Standardly purple in color.
(1) Minimoose! Get me the secret plans to destroy the Dib human!

(2) So I looked in my shoebox, and found a Minimoose gnawing on my shoe. Yeah. I kicked him good.
by Alex April 18, 2003
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A small, roundish, magical, talking flying miniature moose.
Everyone thinks Minimoose is the coolest thing ever even though Guy is the main character
by Dertt February 09, 2004
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The other sidekick from the show Invader Zim. He is a small, purple, moose-like creature with a protruding tooth. He communicates through squeaks and travels by levitating. He was originally going to make his debut in an episode entitled, "Nubs of Doom" but the show was canceled before the episode aired. Minimoose is actually made up of Irken weapons of mass destruction, but he is unable to use them.
Minimoose's first speaking appearance in the Invader Zim series was in the episode, "Christmas Spectacular of Doom" where he helped Zim pretend to be Santa Claus.
by Monzach May 02, 2010
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