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Two in the front five in the back.

Placing two fingers in the tuna cave and five fingers in the rusty sheriffs badge.
dont talk back or you will get rolled by the mini bus
by Stocko from Rocko March 05, 2011
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This is a nickname used for an american football player who is like a miniature version of 'The Bus' Jerome Bettis who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers at running back wearing #36. He earned this nickname due to his large size (5'10" 250lbs), for his position, and also his powerful running carrying defenders on his back, like a bus ride. He is one of the best big backs to ever play professional american football and finally won a deserved superbowl in his final season with the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 5, 2006 in superbowl XL.
You trained well today Wheels, that was some good hard running....maybe we should call you the Mini Bus from now on!!!
by Mike 'Wheels' Robinson June 04, 2009
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A sex position defined by the explanation:

'One in the front, the rest in the back!'

Where a male sticks four of his fingers up the female's arse and uses his thumb to insert into the vagina/ play with the clit.

Hence all the fingers are in the back and the thumb is up the front. Like a Minibus and it's passengers.
D: "Hey man, I totally did the Minibus on her last night!"

P: "What, that troll? That lives under the bridge?"

D: "Shes not a troll...."

P: "Yeah whatever, carry on."

D: "Ok shut up and let me tell the story, douche."

P: "Look D, I don't want to know more about your anal fetish, and what's a Minibus anyway?"

D: "It's wkd, you put one in the front and the rest in the back!"

P: "That is gross D, did you really have to tell me that? We are in a lecture ffs!"
by ThePmaster December 02, 2009
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