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Milk jugging is the process of jacking off into a gallon milk jug, while then leaving the cum dumpster for your female co occupants to find. The family dog is the usual finder of the milk juggers dumpster. When the dog finds the jug and chews on the lid the odor escapes the jug causing a stink bomb effect. Scientist are working on finding the link that causes good wholesome kids to become juggers. Most speculate that its just the little bit of pain caused by your dick scrapping along the inside edge of the jug, which some juggers claim is just enough pain to get them off. It could also be the fact that most jiggers are raised in a house of women who have never taught the young jugger the real use of a tissue. Keep jugging Parker James, someday your sister and I will have great stories to tell you future wife.
Sister: mom what the hell is this?
Mom: what the fuck is that?
Sister: it doesnt smell like rotten milk.
Older brother: ive only heard stories of this. But this sounds like a case of a milk jugger jugging some milk.

Sister: what the fuck is milk jugging? Never mind I dont wanna know.
by The Milkin' Milkman May 24, 2014
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