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a brutal, life threatening disease. can have serious consequences, including death.

symptoms of this condition include:
1. listening to the sound of dying donkeys screeching (more commonly referred to as miley cyrus "singing")
2. dressing like a slut because you feel like you have to sell something but aren't talented enough to act/make music
3. selling sex because that's all you think you are good for
4. listening to your hillbilly dad's "advice" about how female artists need to strip to make money (amy lee has proven this to be incorrect many many times)
5. selling sex to little children and making them cry (see miley cyrus teen choice award)
6. the act of spreading your legs randomly everywhere and having more than 10 exotic life species living in the hairy cave between your legs
suzy contracted a severe case of the miley virus syndrome last summer when a rather large variety of endangered species were found living in her vagina.
by taboo_ July 14, 2010
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