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Miles Mckenna is a transgender youtuber that used to be named Amanda Mckenna. He is known for his youtube channel MilesChronicals. Is a mememaster some would say, as long with supporting everyone's gender and/or sexuality.
I love that youtuber Miles Mckenna from MilesChronicals.
by I.Love.Emo.Bads May 28, 2017
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Miles Mckenna is a very popular trans (FTM) youtuber who recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers on his channel, MilesChronicles. He is one of the most amazing people to walk this earth. He is the most badass biotch to every strut the planet. If you haven't watched a MilesChronicles video, I suggest that you do right now because you will love it. :) He is now on a show called Guilty Party which you must watch immediately. Go to youtube and search Guilty Party, then watch all of the episodes. I triple-dog-dare you.
I love Miles Mckenna
Miles Mckenna is amazing
OMG, Miles Mckenna is so awesome
by memesandmiles October 14, 2017
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Miles McKenna is a well known transgender youtuber who has an emo tumblr fanbase and hooks up with people from Fullscreen Live
anthony "Oh Miles Mckenna ik u want my bussy"
miles "lemme penetrate you with my shrek penis"
by dimtlblmit April 08, 2018
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