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named after the former receiver of the usc trojans, detroit lions, and most recently, the oakland raiders. mike williams gained word association with these less than glamorous words largely in part to the manner in which he stole millions of dollars from two nfl franchises while arriving late to nearly all team functions, sleeping through meetings, over-ingesting hostess snack foods and forgetting how to play the position of wide receiver.
"hey guys, we missed you at work yesterday. where were you?"

"aw man, i mike williams'ed a fifty out my moms purse, bought some mushrooms and took a day off."

"you man, i woke up, got high and mike williams'ed a whole box of little debbies. i was in no shape to come to work."

"you know mr ford fired you two idiots. what are you gonna do now?"

"shit, we was talkin'... we'll probably go down to the state building and see if we can get some food stamps. who needs work if you can get on the mike williams pay plan?"

by stu in the zoo June 26, 2007
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