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Guitarist and vocalist for the pop/rock band The Monkees. Member of the group from 1965-1970 and 1996-1997. Responsible for some of the Monkees’ best individually-penned efforts, including “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”, “Circle Sky”, “You Just May Be the One”, “Papa Gene’s Blues” and “Listen to the Band.” Has written many hit songs for other artists, including Linda Ronstadt, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Olivia Newton-John. A proficient guitarist who sustained a successful solo career in the 1970s, releasing countless solo albums and achieving Top 40 hit singles like “Joanne”, “Silver Moon” and “Rio.” These albums were considered to be some of the most groundbreaking of the country-rock era. Formed his own production company Pacific Arts in the late 1970s, which, spurred on by the filmed version of his single “Rio”, helped pioneer the dawn of the music video. Subsequently created the music chart show “Popclips” which later was bought by Warner and developed into MTV. Recipient of the first video Grammy Award for “Elephant Parts” in 1981. Pacific Arts became the leading American video publishing company in the 1980s. Resumed his solo career in the early 1990s after appearing only sporadically in concert with the reunited Monkees between 1986-1989, but temporarily rejoined the band in 1996. Published his first novel, The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora, in 1999. Inherited the fortune of his mother, Bette, who invented Liquid Paper, also known as "white out."
Weren't they good, they made me happy.
I think I can make it alone.
-Michael Nesmith, "Listen to the Band"
by MusicFan August 2, 2004
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monkee/country John Lennon with a little bit of nonce thrown in and the inheritor of the wite-out corporation. very edgy. a real Hyde/Masterson situation.
“That guy seems like a real Mike Nesmith. Yuck!”
by sentimentalrubbish January 9, 2021
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